The idea was to grow healthy and organic products. A team of young, ambitious and inspired agronomists decided to do their utmost to have quality and environmentally friendly products on the table of every Ukrainian. After all, residents of any city should have the ability to eat tasty and healthy.
2013 – 2014
In Zhytomyr region created company LLC “Cepheus Group”, which aims – to grow healthy and natural products for kids and adults. The main task is not to get super-high yields, but to increase yields due to the economical soil cultivation system, careful selection of seeds and careful care of plants. Our team creates a company that acts as a guarantor of quality, making the world a better place by showing its best example of the best service and the most effective cooperation with partners.
Turn on the green light for Ukrainian organic. We prepare land for growing organic produce. For this purpose, we deliberately choose land that has not been processed for about 20 years. All land is subjected to a thorough check by the certification body that carries out inspection and certification of organic production in Ukraine and receives the quality certificate “Organic Standard”. In the same year, we start a program of organic farming with 218 hectares that we sown with a spelled. We expand the land bank, attracting 1,950 hectares.
The land bank of the company is already 800 hectares, in which, besides spelled, we grow Stuirian honey-pumpkin pumpkin. During the year, the enterprise has additionally attracted and certified 1950 hectares of land.
A new step towards a healthy future. We grow organic sprouts, gymnastic pumpkins and chamomile medicines! The plans include the development of new areas for the cultivation and processing of medicinal herbs and the certification of new territories. The first steps in this direction have already been made. So, the construction of a new complex that will process herbs, which will be put into operation shortly. Now we are keeping a course on growing medicinal herbs, namely: medicinal marigolds, fennel, thistle and echinacea.
Additional certification has been carried out according to the Swiss standard Bio Suisse 2017
Biofach 2018
Our organic 
activity 2017
Standard Certificate

The company is certified by Organic Standard
In accordance with the Standard for Organic Production and Processing, equivalent to the standards of the European Union

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